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Sunday Time article about Thabaphaswa written by Lionel Newton
View from the Pyramid at Thabapahswa
Climbing the Pyramid on the North Western slope at Thabaphaswa
View from the top of the Pyramid of Thabaphaswa, winter's morning
Horse Drift crossing of the Rooisloot for 4x4 and Mountain bikes to Thabaphaswa
Rooisloot Thabaphaswa in flood
Granite rocks in Rooisloot river bed Thabphaswa
Rooisloot riverbed at Pickled Pig Cottage Thabaphaswa
Fish dam at Pickled Pig Thabaphaswa
Fish dam, 5 min from cottage on trail to Thabaphaswa. Pyramid hill in the background.
Pickled Pig Cottage gate, trail to Thabaphaswa
Second bedroom at Pickled Pig Cottage Thabaphaswa
Thabaphaswa on the most distant horizon.
Pickled Pig Cottage Mokopane
Pickled Pig Cottage Mokopane